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History Of Gallery Dept T-Shirt

Art and design collective Gallery Dept., founded by artist/designer Josue Thomas, is a unisex clothing brand in Los Angeles, California. Every time we create a garment, we re-purpose and re-imagine that which inspires us into something new. It is their goal to design products that are compelling without compromising quality or artistic integrity. Founded in 2007, the brand aspires to create an extraordinary experience by doing things differently. The gallery dept t-shirt guiding principles are simple: collaborate, create, and rebel.
Both the environmentally conscious and fashionable flock to Gallery Dept Clothing Repurposed vintage pieces make it unique. A rebellious brand that runs a small operation with a focus on creativity and innovation. The brand is known for its rebellious attitude and small operation. As well as returning something already created to its original state, it involves artistic reinterpretation.

Gallery Dept. T Shirt

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Gallery Dept. Vintage Souvenir T-Shirt

In the music video, Quavo wears this Gallery Dept T-Shirt which features white cotton knit; regular fit; short sleeves; ribbed crewneck; a black ‘GALLERY DEPT.’ big Logo on the chest; & a large black ‘GALLERY DEPT.’ Logo across the upper back, with smaller black ‘Gallery Dept. Vintage Souvenir T-Shirt‘ below the logo.

Mr. Josué Thomas, the gallery department founder, creates unique finishes like the paint splatters on this t-shirt in his art studio. This piece is made of a mid-weight cotton jersey with a distressed hem and printed with our signature logo on the chest. We suggest pairing it with the AFFIX T-shirt or the Gallery Dept. The jeans are by Jeans, the boots are by Dr. Martens, and the bag is by AFFIX.

Migos x Gallery Dept. For Culture III YRN T-shirt

A soft and versatile short-sleeve T-shirt with 100% cotton prints, this Gallery Dept short-sleeve T-shirt is perfect for everyday wear. Stylish and comfortable, this Migos x Gallery Dept. For Culture III YRN T-shirt offers a classic fit. A modern and stylish 3D printer that prints stylish ink-splashed graffiti and vibrant lettering that never fades or peels. The neckline is made with ribs, which make it durable and resistant to deformation. Hip-hop lettering emphasises the style of this shirt. Hip-hop fans and those who appreciate trendy elements won’t be disappointed. Whether you wear it with leggings, skinny jeans, sweatpants, overalls, sports shoes, etc., our hip-hop T-shirt goes with everything. With its unique design, you will have no trouble enhancing your style.

Gallery Dept. Art That Kills T-shirt

Gallery Dept. ATK Stack Logo Black T-shirt is made with high-quality 80% Cotton, 20% polyester. The Gallery Dept T-shirt is soft and elastic, perfect for everyday wear. Fit is classic, comfortable, and stylish.

The latest technology in 3D printing, stylish ink-splashed graffiti, and colourful letter printing, which won’t fade or peel off. Designed with ribs, the neckline is durable and not easily deformed. This Gallery Dept. Art That Kills T-shirt is marked by hip-hop lettering. Those who like hip-hop style or trendy elements won’t be disappointed.


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